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A wave of mindfulness is changing the world. But before the 🌍 it starts with host, Stone. (Or in your case, YOU) As we look internally, we can ask nothing except of ourselves. The world is troubled. How can bringing myself into a peace help?

Disclaimer: raw, sometimes jarring of convention.

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We've all taken them! How do you come out on anxiety meds? Are feelings really useful in this day and age? I've tried everything else. Don't you think Jesus, literally the most unusual and followed person ever was probably entertaining?

Stream episode. We discuss a meditative practice of noticing, also Lord's Prayer from the bible, Dollar Stores (for some reason), Meg Thee Stallion, Shakespeare, kids' amazingness, and a little about a kayaking trip. They were saying 'Heaven' is supposed to exist within. Do you have it? Sometimes?

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Little update! What's taking place in the mindful revolution here in this southern town which I've called home since Los Angeles kicked me out?

Over the past year, Richmond has removed at least a dozen monuments of confederate leaders - which have stood since the 1800s - including the towering statue of army general Robert Lee on a horse at a major intersection. 

The images - of thousands of locals criss-cross applesauce, engrossing the feature for days until the mayor inventively eighty-sixed it to zero spectacle -  are messy and moving. 

Several more statues remain.  It is staggering, but optimistically so - because the method, pacing, and rote approach to getting them gone has not thus far been a riot, but a knowing cooperation, with hormone-fueled youth zeal as a minor, obligatory detail, but nowhere near the sincere quickening - steady, and certain - of this current.   They've stood for a century, so the abrupt unanimous understanding of their absurdity can be an engine to assist, rather than to compel, as the mayor and local bodies study up and do their thang.

AND the Virginia Supreme Court may soon have a chance at a resounding decision in response to two lawsuits against the city, which have been filed to restore statues and prevent further mindful redecorating. 

Note:  Read the article and find out that it is not a large movement flailing to bring back those is literally one family.  PRIOR to the mindful revolution, we may have been incensed and terrified that two behemouth ideological waves are in a battle about such things.  But once meditated upon, once living from ourselves, we can see that is ok.  A lot is headed the right way, though we may not understand why the by-rote law must lag behind our ideals. Even "Woke" people will soon actually wake.  They're headed in the right direction.

1. Spring will shake this funk, don't do anything drastic. 2. Get family involved. 3. "Awaken" exhibit brought Tibetan Art (900-1400 A.D.) to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts 4. Womens sports. 5. MAGA. 6. Andrew Cuomo response. god bless, na ma, stay. Please leave a comment 👎👍

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Trying a different cardio machine..if that's your version of shaking things up then guess what?  You're doing it.  Keep it up.  Starting a meditation practice we start to see thinking as the enemy, but when you're practicing, and you're on a roll, good thoughts start happening.  Still the enemy?  Also, crows. And meditative breath takes work, especially "tummo' exercises. "Re-Minding." Hip Hop or Rap? KRS-ONE (Knowledge Reigns Supreme)

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Divorce gets better. Kanye West on Joe Rogan.  The United States, or the 'States' vote.  Trump.  Left wing vs right wing: And the WINNER is..Ethan rambles about Betta Fish, commonly referred to as 'Fighting Fish', they can get along with tank mates. No live concerts with the virus is bigger than we think.  Advanced Placement classes in school, your kid doesn't know he can even TRY.  Get involved. Thank you for listening.  Transcript below.

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The JOYFull Podcast – Hosted by Ethan Sharrett –
Ep 41. Election Night in the US. Fault. Fish. Fault.
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0:11 All right. Episode 40 or 41. Episode 41, let’s call it that. That’s what it’s going to be.
And already, it’s somewhere in the 40s. Maybe another one will come out before this
one gets published. And that one would take its place. But this is probably 41. So
welcome to it. And thank you for listening. As always, if you do like it, please leave a
comment on like iTunes or Amazon podcast, wherever you’re listening, pleasure is.
Leave a like, leave a comment, leave a recommendation. I used to say this more. If you
don’t like it, you know, if you’re going to turn it off right now, leave that in a comment,
say, this is a pointless podcast, but it’s not. It is not. It’s somebody getting things off
their chest sometimes. And talking about the state of the world, the state of The World
in the mindfulness revolution. When we go inside, we can really face that the state of
The World is really reflective of the state of our world. And what I want to say to you
tonight or today - if you’re listening to this in the day, of course - is that this is not our
fault. I feel like everybody is really stressed out right now. I don’t like to label the
episodes like with a specific event, because then when the event is done, who’s going
to listen to that episode, then it will be all for just that one day and only like seven
people listen to it. Like saying, like a special Thanksgiving episode of, you know, the
NPR frickin, whatever podcast. You never got to listen to that unless it’s on
Thanksgiving, Ramadan, or whatever the holiday you celebrate is or some other,
Kwanzaa, festivus, any other holidays you celebrate, you only want to listen to that
topical thing on that day, right?
2:17 But I’m going to break all my boundaries and all my comforts and say this is a special
United States Election Day for president and we are coming to you live from right next
to my little fish tank, in Reiko County, Virginia, where I did vote today, and a lot of
people voted, not as bad of a line as I thought it was going to be. I tried to vote early a
couple times last week. And every time I went by the courthouses where they were
doing it super long lines. So the early voting, early polling was, in my experience more
crowded than like the normal day, today. 
Page 2 of 8
3:07 I just got this tail algae eater. He is awesome. He’s just wiggling around like crazy. I
just got done filming a video of the fish tank for the first time. I’ve never done that
before. But there is a beta fish and beta Fisher aka like the Siamese fighting fish,
according to Alexa. A lot of people say Chinese fighting fish, Japanese fighting fish.
But according to Alexa, Siamese fighting fish. And they’re not supposed to really
cohabitate that well with other fish, but he seems to get along great with this tiny little
algae eater. I wonder what I’m going to do with that little video I took.
3:45 But yes, Election Day. And I want to say, this is not our fault. Let me get back on track
with that. This is not our fault. Nothing is this... And I don’t think who is going to be
elected president tonight is, really, if you really boil down your emotions, me, you
anybody, it really comes down to like this, right and wrong. It comes down to, or what
we think is right. And we’ve charged up the wrong part with our emotions so much that
it is going to frickin sting. And you’re going to get angry if your guy doesn’t win
tonight. And my god doesn’t win tonight. I mean, there’s going to be just like before
the elections, anger on both sides. And I want to just kind of release us. Take a big deep
breath out and say, the phenomenon of more than even just social media and
smartphones and stuff like that. It’s the 24 hour news phenomenon. It was such a new
technology, pretty recently, in the grand scheme of things, that this came on quick, and
we can’t be blamed for not knowing what the hell we’re doing and forgetting to be, you
know, really decent people through and through, throughout our whole entire day, our
whole entire lives, and becoming really responsible and mature about some of the way
things are right now. Because this all in the grand scheme of things did come on super
quick. And so of course, there’s going to be some tension. We’re all getting to know
about how this works, hopefully. You know, I just want people to forgive themselves
for emotionally charging something that is just tearing apart their lives or their day,
their family. I mean, I got people in my family that would curse the other ones for their
opinions. Some families like really roll with it well with a good sense of humor. And I
love you, but I just don’t agree with where you come out on what we should do
politically. My family is kind of a little heaviness to it. Like it’s even for me. I mean, if
people start getting into, what they think politically, it just takes me out of it. So I’m
going to work on that, I encourage you to do that same thing, too. Because we’re all
going to be dying at some point. And we don’t want to look back and think, “Oh, my
goodness, it was so plain to see that we had this chance that really, really showed us 
Page 3 of 8
where our tension lies and where we are turning on each other, and what emotion, what
spirit we are throwing at other human beings. And it was so crystal clear at that time.
However, we just rode that out. And we didn’t say, All right, I’m going to enough of
this. What’s a new way to think about everything?” On my deathbed, I don’t want to
look back and just feel like “Oh, dude, I can’t believe how bent out of shape I was about
that.” Look how! Look what we could have done. So let’s not do that. And I have a
couple of pointers that I can’t think of them now, of course, and I didn’t write them out.
But let me see if I could remember.
7:42 First one. All right. Whatever... Let’s go off book. Let’s go completely off the grid.
First of all, let me talk to you about my first government teacher that I really, really
appreciated, Mr. Woods. Mr. Woods had this deep voice, Mr. Woods. He didn’t say
Mr. Woods, except the first day, “My name is Mr. Woods”, and he write it on the
chalkboard proper, like real actual chalk. But the roll call was funny, every day. This
wasn’t like AP classes. I did not know that you should like strive for AP classes. I
always put that out of reach. If you’re in high school or going to be in high school and
listening to this, get into those AP classes. Because apparently, from what I know, I
dated a girl who was always in AP classes. And she was like, what the regular classes
are like zoo. And I was like, “Oh, yeah. And you didn’t put yourself in that zoo?” She
said, “No, absolutely not.” I was like, “Oh my gosh! They were a freaking zoo.” So the
roll call in Mr. Woods’ class, it was one of the funny things that some of the crazy class
clowns would enjoy. Like, the low voice so almost like, not quite James Earl Jones, but
similar. “You didn’t?” Yes! Yes. Here. “Michael, Paul Rodriguez” Here! You know.
So everybody just kind of, say the name of the person. He just said, like, try to do it in
that low voice.
9:20 But the cool thing that he said was, “The more you know about yourself, the more you
know about government.” And that the government is made up of a bunch of ourselves.
So when we pull back and we watch what’s happening, and we don’t think that we, in
our own lives, in our own spirit, are not part of what’s happening. We are absolutely
kidding ourselves. So let’s make it the healthiest thing possible. “The more you know
about yourself, the more you know about government.” He would say that nearly every
day. And I wish I could remember one of the exact lessons, but it would come back to
and you’d be like, “Oh my goodness, it’s so true Mr. Woods.” More we know about
ourselves, the more we know about government. Where I’m going with that, but it’s 
Page 4 of 8
not our fault is don’t blame us. This frickin social media and iPhone, and 24-hour news
phenomenon. This came on really quick. We got to adjust. And it says on my Instagram
like profile right now. And if you don’t follow, it’s @ethansharrettofficial.
10:40 I’ve had that up there for a while. I really liked this phrase. I don’t know if I heard it
someplace or came up with it or modified it or something, but it is. I heard about it
somehow. The music choice channel on my cable network that comes with my
apartment, it has these little quotes that come up. And I think I modified something
from that. But anyway, it says that you have got to celebrate the virtues of your political
adversary. I guess it was. Is there a better word for adversary? The person who is on
the other side of you politically. And instead of attacking everything they do wrong, it
might be healthier to say, I’m on your team. If you don’t know, I’m going to let you
know that on the political right, the crazy Neo conservative Trump party, people on the
right end of the spectrum. They have some amazing values that that actually motivate
some of the things that we can look at the bad side of if we want, but really, they are
driven and the people I love are driven by this, they’re driven by, like this love of family,
this love have kind of a unit that appreciates like, this is time on earth. And let’s keep
our family together. And there’s some good wholesome things about time on Earth that
are best when in shared moments. And it’s not even so much about, like a traditional
family. I believe as much as you know, work hard and take care of, of yourself and
those you love. And that motivates a lot of things. And the other thing that’s also really
good. Is there preaching, preaching their attachment to the idea of self-accountability,
and quit your complaining, quit my complaining, take care of yourself, take a good hard
look at what you’re doing that might be hindering you and be real about it. Those are
some things that are not on the political right. Those are some things that are if you are
on the left, you actually really like those when you study yourself, when you study
these, these master guru teachers from Sadh guru, to the Buddha to this author that I
think is amazing that Oprah thinks is amazing study what Oprah says, “Oh my
goodness, look at yourself.
And don’t expect anybody else to see the true value and the true... And the
responsibility for yourself that you have” one of my favorite motivational speakers,
Eric Thomas E the hip hop preacher, on YouTube, just so many teachers are saying,
stop, you’re complaining, stop, you’re looking outside for problems that you can be
distracted by, and work on yourself, whether it’s your own health, your own 
Page 5 of 8
mindfulness routine, your own finances, do that, focus on that, and, and be grateful.
And through that process of you being healthy, responsible for yourself, working on
yourself, you are going to have this flood of energy that can actually be a positive thing
in the world and share with others. And that self-accountability is one of the other kind
of virtues that I would encourage you to celebrate about that other side. So now let’s do
it on the flip side. I think that was three right so On the flip side, all right. Let’s look at
those. Those wacky left leaning Neo socialist liberals. Those guys that don’t know what
they’re doing, they’re bad. No, no, they’re not. They’re driven by some things that are
like, I see what’s going on. And this is not right, this is taking away, it’s taking away
privileges from people that should frickin have them, like medical coverage. Look at
how many people don’t have a shot at getting good medical coverage, getting a good
job getting a good education, they grew up in poverty. This is a virtue for somebody to
like, dedicate so much of their time to focus on messaging that is centered around, like
the plight of impoverished people, or people who are not being treated fairly. That’s
good. Yeah, both sides are, we can look at what they do. That’s like, bad, but what’s
another good thing about those wacky leftist people, open minded, bring on in some
new ideas, you know, what a good American thing like cutting edge, the cutting edge
of, of how society can be run is, is what we think of as, like the one of the proudest, you
know, memories in the United States is what like Tom Brokaw would have written
about Is he the guy who wrote the greatest generation, some book that got some acclaim
so nostalgic, and the stories about, you know, the troops coming home from D day,
and in a ticker tape parade, when everybody understood that we were actually on the
cutting edge of, of the best way to the best new way to look at things, the best new way
to possibly do things and in, in, in perfect, mega industrialized world, those virtues on
the left, they’re amazing. At and I’m going to break it down like that. So my point is, it
takes a lot of pride sucking up to start doing this, if you’ve built your habits and your
life on, on, on charging up how wrong the other side is. And that’s some pride that when
people are faced with something real in their lives, like, like breaking an addiction. In
an in, maybe it’s just an emotional addiction. I loved going to a classes or classes,
meetings, I don’t do them. I’d like to think that I can drink at a responsible level. Even
though when I try to not drink at all. For days on end, I it’s very difficult. I’m just like,
screw it, I need some wine. But it got me enough, enough interested to go into some of
these meetings, and listen to people pouring their hearts out and they have to frickin
work they work on they rip out the darkness. They rip out what made them feel like the 
Page 6 of 8
only way to hang on in the past. And they have to let go that they have to friggin let go.
And we might have to do that.
18:43 And I’m going to tell you a personal experience of mine. That, like when you get a
divorce, I bet a lot of people go through this. There’s so much anger, especially when
there’s children involved and at first, you’re just like you’re the enemy, you’re the
opposition, everything you want. I don’t want everything I want. I’m going to have to
fight you to get and everything you say I’m going to flip bad. And every time I
communicate with you, I’m going to be a total prick about it. And that was like the
natural only way to like to control that energy for a while. But when you see people that
are really happy really working on the same team, and I see this a lot, and there’s people
that have understood this. And they got through it. And I was really helped by Ed
Ratchford who is a healer who I interviewed with several episodes ago. Talking I don’t
think I talked about it as much in the interview but like on the phone one time. He was
like a man, even when I realized that it can be so much better to let those things go and
be on the same team. It kind of goes back on what you’ve been doing for a while. But
Holy Jesus that feels so much better. And it helps our children, it helps our souls to be
like me and do what I can. And if I have to say something that you might not like, I
better, I’m going to, like really sugarcoat that and explain it to you in a way that
hopefully we could go somewhere forward, rather than saying, like, you’re your dumb
ass, and this is what I want. And so, the point there is we’re going to have to breathe
through this, and I’m getting messages tonight, like a friend out there who said, I’m, I
can’t do it, I’m going to off myself. If, you know, Trump is elected president. Again.
And I just think that that’s not worth it. And if it’s the other way, you know, I’m afraid
of that happening too, because I’ve seen the crazy energy on both sides. I mean, who.
It’s both. I’m going through this with you guys. And I am trying to give you something
that’s like a new day, but we’re going to have to let go of this. The other side sucks and
starts celebrating some of their virtues and saying that that’s not getting us anywhere.
It’s not. I listened to Kanye West’s interview by Joe Rogan the other day, and that was
awesome. Kanye West is a fun listen. Super smart, super surprising. Really
scatterbrained but because there’s so much going on in that brain. And that guy is not
making the same kind of rap music anymore. It’s still very musical. But he’s like, in
this phase, when it’s all gospel, he’s doing like this, this massive church that he built
and is, is like hiring people to come in and study music and have this amazing, like, 
Page 7 of 8
choir experience that is like in a giant setting. I can’t remember if he said it holds, how
much it holds 50,000 or more people. I don’t know, mega church experienced super
awesome praise music. And he’s totally dedicated to it now. And like all kinds of other
stuff, including running for president totally talks about running for president. And to
me, it kind of seemed like
22:57 he might have been inspired by the new way that politicians can be a politician, you
can use social media and say anything you want. It doesn’t have to sound like the old
party line anymore. And this, the current president is an example of that. Not only was
it possible to be outspoken, completely at odds with your party, but it actually really
helped and it’s part of the platform and the appeal that gives people so much passion
when they follow him. So after I listened to that, I was like, man, I really liked the way
that guy answered, he’s just going to do what’s really good and rely on awesome
information and the experts around him and make decisions from the heart, honest and
transparent, to make all those decisions even though he doesn’t know what they would
be right now, because he doesn’t pretend to know all the facts. I thought those were
really cool answers he gave to Joe Rogan. And when I looked at that ballot today, I saw
that right in and it crossed my mind right in Kanye West can easily. I can’t remember
why I got started talking about that. Why? Oh, just I’m with you. It’s a really tense
situation right now. But, you know, letting it go is like letting it go. That’s a personal,
deep, deep thing. And it’s not something that really makes sense. Writing things out on
Facebook that much unless you’re one of those really eloquent people that can write
those really engaging things. I got a friend named Caleb who wrote something that was
really eloquent and engaging the other day. Got another friend named Bill Who wrote
something that was not eloquent, but direct, just as direct from, you know, from the
heart. And that was, that was, you know, kind of fun to read about. And the thing is I
don’t, I don’t like these charged things. But you know, I appreciate the people that are
invested in one aspect of culture and what’s going on, I appreciate that I appreciate that
passion. But why is it so big? And what I’m saying is, it’s not just something you can
put on social media, it’s, it’s deeper than that, I really, really am starting to believe that
and if you are actually trying to get through something that must be let go or must be
rethought, from the core view. And if it has to be rethought on the whole of us on the
macro level, and the macro is just a collection of a bunch of micro classes. That means 
Page 8 of 8
it also has to be done at the individual, the self-level. And those things take that those
11 steps or 12 steps, sometimes those really tearing out what’s inside and saying, I’m
going to be you know, I’m not sure what I’m going to look like or what kind of things
I’m going to say on the other side of this, but I might have to do that. Listen to me
preaching, thinking I got all this good stuff to say. I just don’t want to see you know the
peril anymore. And the mindfulness revolution is going to bring it into and I just like to
see it happen. Sooner, more sooner. More on the student side than on the later side.
27:03 In my mind, I really think that just as I see it picking up steam and in so many subtle
ways that only if you’re really hip to that self-accountability and self-awareness,
practice, and compassion and gratefulness and gratitude. If you’re really aware of those
types of things, you see it everywhere. You see it everywhere. And just checking to see
if my mic is still on. And people don’t really talk about it. But there once you start being
hip to it, it’s a lot of people beating that same. Same tune out. And same, same thing.
And I tell you, it is going to come to an end and let’s just let’s just do it now and be
kind of nice, because remember, screw all of this. That’s the one thing I want to say
screw all of this. There’s a better way. Yeah, a lot more people should have a lot more
money. Yeah, we should not be oppressed by any foreign threats. Yeah, all those things
are true. But also there’s some element of letting go of the accusations and being on the
same side as the people who are in your country, on your earth, in your world. And
that’s what I want to leave you with. Thank you so much for listening. Please make a
comment. If you disagree follow my Instagram @ethansharret officially to see the silly,
ridiculous things I do to try to focus on things like fish and snails and stuff and lighting
a fire in the fireplace which feels good. I have a place with a fireplace and something
about lighting a fire. It’s really rewarding. So we are going to say good night. God bless.
And Namaste and enjoy this because this is what we should all be doing, having fun.
It’s some kind of a festival like this for church because it is a lot like church, I mean a
congregation gathering come on! [Music].

Why it was hard to record during a crumbling relationship.  What learning and experience I take forward despite the horrors of Covid-19. Going to a new career. Vlog explanation. Book review - Nunchi:  The Korean Secret to Happiness and Success by Euny Hong.  Voting.  Continuing the mindful revolution.  If you haven't, please leave any comment, it helps SO much (my favorite podcasters insist it does).

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The JOYFull Podcast – Hosted by Ethan Sharrett – Ep 40. Relationships, Silence, The Korean Superpower of Nunchi. 

0:10     Before we start this episode, a big Happy Birthday to my mother. A just appreciation for everything that she did, [and for] making me realize at all times that love is the highest thing that we can strive for in every situation. And every mother has such a lot of work to do, and their kids are going to love them. And then they're going to blame them for everything. But any blaming that is done that is just one step on the road to self-accountability and taking control of their own lives. And so if you feel that child with love, like my mother did, it's all an amazing thing. So thank you for everything you do. And Happy birthday, Mom.

1:01     Welcome to my podcast. Thank you so much for listening. I owe a big explanation to the time, it's been since the last episode. Or if you're pretty new to this, you might have just listened to the last episode today. So I don't owe you an explanation. Except to the dates because you can still probably see like, "Oh, man, this guy hasn't podcasted for a long time." But it has been a while. And so I wanted to give a brief update, and just talk a little bit, because I was working on something. And I was like, "You know what, I should kind of work on this and the podcast at the same time." I'll get into more of that later. But an update is, yeah, some exciting things, some challenging things, which is, you know, I never know what to... There's a few months there after the virus started, and some big changes in my life, like a move or relationship. There are some moments that I didn't have the right place to give you like an authentic glimpse into what was going on. And I know that this whole thing was begun at as an idea to give you those glimpses as things were going on. And the challenges of what I was dealing with. So that hopefully more people could relate to those as they might have dealt with them, or it could at least relate to when they were dealing with them. But I just couldn't find the right moment that I was like, "This is what I want to share." It was fast blur.

2:58     So the last episode, I talked about how I had dedicated some time when I had my previous job to try to advance and change careers. And that had been kind of a big risk for me to resign from a job with the confidence that I could bounce into this different career path, different industry, different job functions and things like that. And I think on the last episode, it might have been a downer. I was probably like "Don't do what I did, or something." Like I still don't have a job yet. I jumped the gun on that. I was overly confident and just kind of sharing with you where I was on that.

3:57     Well, it was a hard road and I didn't get a new job as fast as I would have liked to. But I eventually did. I get a new job outside of my industry in an exciting line of work, in the digital content space, in marketing. And it's been exciting to learn things I've never learned, work with people who I've never worked with before and a whole different type of space. That has been really cool. And it was a difficult road that included not having much income for a while and surviving only on what I could Uber or what I could get through the Lyft and Uber driving, which was fun by the way. Did I tell you how much fun that was on the past episode? I really liked getting people in the car talking to them whenever possible and hearing what they had to say about this and that. If there's like... It's kind of cool. I look forward to actually to doing that again alongside of the next career. So that I could do that career and then sometimes go out and make a little bit of extra money during the driving and checking in with people of from all walks of life and sharing moments with them in the Uber or Lyft or what have you... I definitely prefer Uber. I don't know why but you have to use Lyft as well, if you want to get the maximum amount of rides.

5:50     So what I was doing for a while and it got to be a little frustrating. I mean, grace of God that I did qualify for the stipend of unemployment, the stimulus, payment, those types of things kept me afloat. And it was an amazing thing that I was able to get those and I still might just blows my mind still. But now since then I have gotten that job. I had to get help on my resume. I had to attend interviewing classes. My brother and his wife really helped me out with my resume. There is job interviews that went terribly awry like I told you on the last episode. But I eventually after that interviewing seminar and that Rebs that resume assistance that I got. It really ended up giving me a cool new opportunity. And so that's kind of the update about the job.

7:07     The virus update, it was a really unique time for every single person but and still continues to be. But so many people have shared with me how the good that they got out of it whether their life was completely different for one week whether it was different for a long, long time. A lot of people that had their kids at a school, whoa, that was a whole new experience just to be with your child that much. Whoa, that's challenging. I mean, you just see immediately when you talk to a parent no matter what age their kid is just to be... It seems like it would be a gift. And it is a gift. It's an amazing gift. But the energy that it takes from you to go from your child is in daycare throughout the bulk of the day or has a nanny or whatever or is in like a school through the bulk of the day to like 24/7, you are right there and have to make sure that child is like stimulated, entertained, fed, occupied at all times. It sheds light on an interesting concept about how significant that is, as a society as civilization in this country even which is the pride of the capitalistic. Everything's not a government program. It's as many things as possible are private entities and private companies.

9:10     However, one thing all people agree on throughout the country is that there's got to be a place for our kids to be away from the home for a large majority of a day, for a large majority of the year. That's a funny thing that even more than public pay for hospitals for medical care. It's like we need to make sure these kids all have a place to freaking go. Because it is not natural for parents that have to understand how to take care of their kid all freaking day. You got to be a professional for that. It showed me that for sure. But make no mistake, I have several pictures that will remind me of what an amazing unique time that was to explore full days upon full days with my son and my girlfriend now ex-girlfriend’s daughter and the kids in the neighborhood through that time. Also through that time, other really interesting things were the neighbors that lived on the street. The entire dynamic of a neighbor or a person at the store or something definitely neighbors. It shifted from that person that you wave to, do the little finger wave above your steering wheel or smile, like "Hey, how you doing? Great. How are you? Great. Take care." those simple, courteous interactions with so many people became very..., when nobody was working for a while or nobody was driving to an office for those... Most people, actually, incidentally, most people on that street simply didn't go to their office anymore but stayed home. But for that reason they're always outside. And there is also an atmospheric shift, what I really attribute to the difference of the sound of the atmosphere.

11:23   I remember one day walking out and realizing even though it was like a mile from the interstate. This is like a tucked away place in the trees and very seemingly secluded and you can hear owls at night. It's very dark there and you can see stars up above. But it's a little residential kind of circle and cul-de-sac type of area with great little condos not huge not tiny, super responsible people around that neighborhood, super friendly people. So it's not like an urban place where there's typically a lot of traffic noise, however, the extent of the virus shutdown was [Inaudible 12:15] and that this the seizing of the traffic on the interstate that was almost a mile away. It was so dramatic and so significant that the one day, I remember, thinking I've never experienced silence like this. It was both eerie and enlightening and calming. And I was really thankful for just the chance to look around. And see, by and large, everybody is okay at this time, at this moment that is completely silent. And there's no cars driving around. And just children were all playing in the street and the first several days that people really started coming together out in the street to let our kids play and to talk to one another. We actually had little chalk outlines to make sure that everybody stayed six feet away and the kids would stay within their families like little chalk bubble. And that lasted for a little while but over time you just got so accustomed. It seemed like one big family unit. And it became a little bit of gray lines to keep like your kids away from their kids and etc. So definitely see more and more relaxed.

13:41   Even though it was still definitely don't bring out a bag of chips that all kids are going to reach into. Don't share drinks with people. Don't offer somebody else some food where normally you might have said "Hey, have some of these brownies or whatever." Not that kind of brownie. You wouldn't. It just was understood that you don't... There is still some type of level of honoring the contagion as it were. But it definitely got more relaxed. And these neighbors that you'd normally would have just said given a wave to become like you knew everything about. Where they're from? Where their family's from? Who their aunts and uncles are? How many brothers and sisters they have? What their days are like? And hanging out with him all the time. So, it was an amazing realization to think of what the potential there is for those things that are right around you all the time and they could be so much more. And silence, listen. Silence. Total silence for a while was something that I'm gonna remember for a long time. Noise pollution has always been a thing that I just wish I could experience like zero noise pollution again. I've heard there's some country where no cars are allowed or Island or something. It'd be really interesting to go there. Love it.

15:21   So that's like the virus update. Let's see the relationship update. Man, I would love to get into that with you. I'm not sure I feel ready yet. But the there was a relationship that I was pretty fired up about that things didn't seem to work in the end. And wow, I mean, just culture has gone. So different, so fast that if you've been out of the dating world for a while and you try to get back into it. You see just the difference like, for example, now I'm like rebuilding. I have some side projects going on with the vlog and the channel and the podcast and some videos that I put together and a full time job that I love. And just like rebuilding but still I freaking wants some interaction. And therefore I'm on these dating websites. And you just imagine... We're just all swiping each other and expectations can't fricking meet. I'm not relationship material right now. I'm on under construction. You know what I mean. It's still on there. And other people like women are out there too. And they're probably not relationship material at all. Just got out of a relationship. No clue how to really make it work with the next one. But we're all on there swiping around and try not to be hurt. And so that's the world I'm living in right now. And a lot of things go into that, geez, I should have..., I'm gonna change my name, have a whole different podcast that's just about that. So I can say, breaking anything because there's a lot to be said. Just God bless you, if you're trying to date these days. Please allow yourself to change. I'm trying to allow myself to change and just embrace what the culture is right now. And go with the flow. That seems to be a good thing to do and don't take anything too seriously and go treat yourself. So that hopefully is a relationship thing.

18:04   It's tough with children but one thing that I know is the children need, above all, just an example of how to be happy. And so that keeps..., I truly, truly believe that no matter what I say to my son (no matter what) I tell him what he sees (what your kids see) is the way that you interact in the world. They just see what you do. So he probably detects like a little bit of, a tiny bit of confusion. Yeah, it's alright to be a little confused sometimes. But still that like things are awesome and we can appreciate everything around us and welcome every single day is like an awesome new day. And that is what gives me a boost to feel happy about everything. How did this get to multiple pods of my personal update? I remember for a while, I'll give you a personal update, a societal current events update and then a cultural update something like that. A method or technique that I've been working on or that I'm studying, an approach, an idea, a concept that I've been studying. That was the three things personal update, society and culture and then a skill method technique, approach that I've been studying. So somehow today, the personal update has been multiple facets of my personal update.

20:12   So I guess the next thing is, I guess there is something that I'm kind of that a new concept somebody gave me a book about this Korean concept of nunchi. And that is really fascinating. I recommend it. Let me go get it real quick. Alright, so the title of the book is "The power of nunchi" and nunchi is spelled N.U.N.C.H.I. by Euny Hong. This is called the Korean secret to happiness and success, the power of nunchi. And I'll try to summarize it but I definitely recommend you pick it up. It's an easy read, quick read, casual style but definitely an expert, this woman, Euny Hong, E.U.N.Y. H.O.N.G. and it seems to be this idea that in the Korean culture is so important. Basically, of knowing what's appropriate and inappropriate in any scenario, a lot of it is, it comes down to reading other people to see what really is appropriate. You might have an instinct that if you observed really what's going on your instinct is probably not a good play or it might not be. So just observe the room, observe the people you're with, to see what's appropriate and really what's going to be a good move to make the energy in the room better and to jibe with everything. And it's not always like this Western idea of kind of taking over a room or changing the energy of a room. And it's a lot about the classroom, the office meeting room, any kind of space that you happen to be a part of. There's like this overall taking in of what's going on at that time. And kind of appreciating everybody's part of it and doing your part in the best way possible. It's a really interesting read it. It really makes you think about, it makes me think about some of the things that I do, some things that I've done, some things other people do. I'll try to give you an example. I don't know if I can give an example because I didn't bookmark anything or highlight anything.

23:15   But it's pretty much like learning how to be still and see what's going on around you. And what cues people miss sometimes that we miss sometimes. One that really sticks with me is the idea of... Here's one, let me give you this example. If somebody says "Well, we have to clean this up..." So there's a little party, a dinner party or something and somebody goes. "We have to get cleaning up. So thank you so much for coming over." So they gave the excuse that they have to clean up. And then somebody without this skill of observing what's going on with the people who just said that the host that said, "We have to clean up or whatever." Somebody with very slow nunchi or bad nunchi might come back with "Hey you guys, we can clean up. Let me help you clean up. You know it's all right." Like whatever somebody offers you might try to overcome that. Whereas if you were really paying attention, they're being nice and that's a time for you to leave. And there are many examples of that type of thing in the book. And some of them really make it seem a little bit selfish and very, very ignorant to not see some of the cues that we give to each other that people don't see. For example, if somebody looks at their watch and says they have to get going. I mean, really it is your job with nunchi to say "Thank you. Goodbye" and bad nunchi to overcome whatever reason they have to go. And if they were being inauthentic and expecting in saying that to see what your reaction would be and see if you would try to encourage them to stay. Well, then that's just an inauthentic thing to say and that their own issue and that's not your job to address that. It's just to take them for what they said and allow them to do that. So it's full of different examples of that go across all different facets of life and different types of relationships, different scenarios.

26:18   Another one was a weird situation, where it was like imagine you go into a job interview and the person that you're meeting with says that they want somebody who works very well independently. That you don't need a lot of instruction. And then all of a sudden somebody busts in the room, a woman that is more of a loud talker and doesn't introduce herself at all to the other guy that you were interviewing with and seems to kind of say whatever she wants and tells you, "Well, whoever... I'm not sure. I haven't seen your resume. But I hope that you're a good team player." So basically the opposite of what the first guy was saying. So you're thinking, how did that woman behave? That guy did not correct her or anything. She was very free. She's probably the superior one in that department. She's probably the one that actually makes the decisions. So your response, if she goes, "So are you a team player is something?" Your response should definitely respect her what she said with as much weight. And in this scenario that person should give the response that they are a team player but have also been asked to do a lot independently and they're comfortable in both. But you're supposed to evaluate based on little cues of what's really going on and also honor the authenticity of everything it's said.

27:58   So that's I guess part two. Part Three is what's going on. And I guess we have an election coming up. I just hope that people can have faith that no matter what we shouldn't... If there's a quality that you don't like in a candidate in a political side. Just have faith that it's okay. There's some amazing virtues that give one side their like motivation. And I think we have to celebrate those virtues on the opposite sides of our political motivation and really latch on to those and not act like the specifics of what they're saying. And that really looking for what virtues motivate them or is going to be significant, if you actually really want to have a better tomorrow. Regardless of who ends up getting voted for (ends up getting elected in anything), I think we're all just tired of the polarity and just the vitriol on both sides. I certainly am. And I'm almost to the point where I'll just, "Hey, I don't care who's president. I'm going to support that person. I'm going to vote quietly with who I would prefer in my heart. And then I'm not going to bitch about it. I'm just going to do what I can to actually contribute positively and support people." That's where I come out on that. And I also don't watch the news. I mean, listen to so many smart people that say they're going to learn things from how they have to learn them. They're definitely not going to spend their time watching the news on TV. Because it never makes them feel good and it never accomplishes anything. And they can never forget that the news exists to sensationalize and grab your attention, which is not done through neutralization of an issue and bridging have an issue but of heightening and magnifying the tension of an issue.

30:47   Easy peasy lemon squeezy. It's as simple as that. So turn that shit off. Protect your brain space. And just do a simple vote from your heart. The one cool thing that I do appreciate when people are if they want to be an activist is just to see if those around them are voting. And to make sure that people have registered and encourage them and invite their friends and family to make sure that they do go cast a vote. Just because it's a simple fricking thing. Even if you don't think your vote is really going to shift things in one way or another let's just do it and vote. And I'm guilty of saying that, "Hey, my state was decided months ago, there's no point of me voting." I'm guilty of that too. But if somebody told me what I'm saying. What I'm telling you now is please just make that vote and make that vote your activism. And then fricking make everything else some positive energy. That's my current events culture thing.

32:04   Exciting for me is just building out another channel with I've been building for a while. Look for it. I have a channel that it was really built out of the realization that a while ago, a few years back, I was in a job. I was doing something every day that I wasn't enjoying. And that I felt like wasn't furthering my skills. I wasn't using it to utilize my gifts, my talents, my interests and I wasn't contributing anything of myself to the greater good. And that last one actually made me feel the lowest of all. I actually guilty of spending eight hours of every single day. And really if you think about the time of ironing, cleaning, making lunch, doing hair/ makeup, whatever, driving to work, driving from work. That decompression time you need when you get out of traffic at home and before you have enough energy to make dinner or something like that. You were talking about 10~11 hour commitment every single day that I was making. And it was only to basically do what's needed for the job and that's it. And not contribute to the amazing gift of brief, the amazing brief gift of life on earth. And I was like "I'm squandering what time God has given me and I'm not helping anyone out." I'm not doing my... I have unique experiences and perspectives as every single person does because nobody has your exact experiences and I have an expertise of my profession. And whether you push a broom or you do admin or you're a specific kind of attorney, you have your unique experiences and you have some type of expertise. And I wasn't using that to actually contribute to the greater good for anything. And that became like this thing that made me feel guilty for a while.

34:48   For a long while, but luckily I was doing my work. Waking up early. Listening to my favorite inspirational teachers. Reading. Studying myself, kind of exploring before work every day. Keeping on doing those things to just try to improve and explore, "When is my life not being the best it can be." And some of the concepts that kept on coming up. They kept on being repeated by everybody and everything I read were, always stay positive or look for the positive in any situation, which sometimes can be a challenge, but it's your. You can keep on doing it. Every challenge is an opportunity. There's more there, if you give more. So keep giving more. Every challenge is an opportunity. And sometimes what you think is in your way is actually the key to your next best step. So when it became clear to me that there's this barrier, that there's this job. It's like in my way but I have to have it. I can't... Maybe if you don't have a family, if you don't have children. You can just say "I'm gonna just backpack for a while" and quit your job. But that's not even an option. Even though it crosses your mind, you're like that's not an option. So the barrier really was my time. The time that I have to spend is I really felt like it was just stealing from I've been given life (a gift of life). And I was just stealing it to get by on my job. And I wasn't able to use any... I wasn't able to learn, give anything more use gifts, explored (expand) gifts and enhance my own skills.

37:18   But that barrier that kept coming up in these concepts from everyone. That barrier can actually be the thing that lifts you up to the next highest thing that you should be doing and I started doing that. I started putting more into everything I did. I started just examining everything for how this can be made to be awesome. What can I learn from this? What bigger picture can I keep, can I look for in every task that I'm doing, that will add to my understanding? If all I can do is just smile at situations that didn't get a smile before. If I smile 10 times, well, I get 10 smiles back. No, but that's 10 more chances to get a smile back that I didn't get the day before. Of course and just started reaching out and giving more and just looking for way. This doesn't just have to be this thing I can do it full on and try to make it fun. And then I started getting back more into making the videos about some of these things and having fun with the people that they were working where I was working. And that's what the channel came out of which I'm excited about, building more now. But that's what it came out of is whatever your job is, whatever your talents are, they can probably help each other and you can put... And if you don't have talents or if you don't think you have talents. You have to have interests like fishing, comedy, makeup, dating, sewing, history, [Inaudible 39:18] history, movies, painting, gardening, all of these things are interest that I have specifically seen people somehow put more of themselves into their every day. And therefore makes their day have more of their true selves in it. And it makes them happier and everybody that works around them, that interacts with them get more out of their day too because that more of that person's authentic self is there to kind of share.

39:56   And one of the things that I think I'm gonna like invite people on the channel to say, if you are challenged by a way to find a, something positive about your a, situation either whether that's your position as a whole or a situation in life that you're finding it difficult to put yourself into to be authentic in, or if you think you don't have any interests that are relevant, I definitely invite you to try and I would love the challenge of asking you for specifics. And then I 1,000% sure that there's something there that can really help both you and everybody around you. You just may need helps finding it. You may need help. You may need more time and more study to find it. But I'd love the challenge of finding that at a faster pace. By just learning about you're kind of brainstorming that if you need it. So just message and I'll give out the email of the channel (the YouTube channel) it's, (not just apartments with no spaces). And though the whole idea that name came out of when, it doesn't matter what your job is, what I did was manage apartments but that's irrelevant. The most important, relevant aspect of that is when I realized that this is not just apartments. There's like every single day is a chance for me to put more into it, get more out of it and look for more and more ways to utilize skills. In my case, it was the skills of streamlining things to make them easier, make people feel more in contact, make people understand the things they were dealing with better. And of course, use videography, more in digital like social media and things like that. That helps in every this...

42:07   I mean, just Geez. There's so many uses for that. It seems like we've used it all up. But there's so many uses and functions of it that we haven't really taken advantage of yet. And that's a cool potential. So, if you have a situation that you'd like to run by me or just share. If you have success in that realm. If there was like something that you thought was a challenge that became an opportunity. Something that you thought was a pain in the ass and then you realize, oh my gosh, the obstacle is the way. I realized that if I tackle this, it's going to make my life kind of go forward to the next best thing. I'd love to hear that too. And I'll share that unless you're make this anonymous. It's embarrassing. That might be it. I think that's all I got for you. Thank you again so much for listening. And I know that it's been a while but I appreciate every single time you click, like or comment or follow or just the fact that you played it. And God bless you and namaste.



We continue our venture in uncharted territory.  How can massage be done as teletherapy?  Why has Reiki healing been credited with so much success by doctors and hospitals, though it is not "medicine"?  Can the caring of another person provide a biological benefit?  This is a conversation with the founder of Awaken Massage RVA and certified Therapist and Reiki Master Ryan Greene.  Visit or follow at with questions or to schedule.  Mention the JOYFull Podcast for a 50% discount for teletherapy.  Follow Ethan Sharrett @ethansharrettofficial

The virus was going on overseas.  Why I'm still Uber driving in The Van.  It's getting freaky.  Essential workers have to get to Food Lion, McDonalds, Kroger, Ralph's, the gas station you name it. We're taking part. Will they ever get the credit we owe them?  Wishes for unity. Accusatory vs. Helpful. God help NYC. NOTE: The interview clips with essential workers didn't turn out quality-wise for audio. BUT see photos at


The virus was going on overseas. Now the wildfire of COVID-19 is in the US. Why I'm working. We're taking part. Wishes for unity. Accusatory vs. Helpful. God help NYC. NOTE: The clips with essential workers did not turn out quality wise for audio. But see photos of them at

Even when I got a part I wanted - Hamlet... my mind was ready for a sabatoge. Self doubt could be stifling us. We have no idea what's possible. Challenging schedules and finding your morning. There's a book called "The Morning Miracle" by Hal Elrod. It made a change pretty quickly. But then it was on me to keep that going.  Trying to share how powerful that is.  

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1:38 Well, I have just written a bunch of notes over the last day or so. And now they all look
like chicken scratch. “Who wrote these episode notes?” Me! Me, I guess, I did. This
show usually has three components. And it’s one like, what’s going on with me? Not
because I need you to know what’s going on with me, but because anything somebody
is going through, chances are you are too, or have or know somebody who is. So I try
to just share what’s going on with me. So you can contextualize what the second
component is, which is the sharing and description of some method, approach,
technique, tool, idea that I am practicing. So you can figure out if you’d like to apply
that or hopefully pique your interest in it because everything I practice, I feel it is really
positive and good. I mean, I do some things that are definitely not positive, And no
good at all. But the ones that I’m sharing are all good. And hopefully I can pique your
interest in some of those. And the third thing is like a cultural observation about some
kind of issue, political issue, world issue, book, a movie, something in the media,
something like that. I’m in media. I should be a mediaologist. I just came up with that. 
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So thanks for listening, geez. Once again, I recorded so much good content, and I looked
down. And somehow the thing had stopped recording. And I was literally talking about
how I didn’t record enough because of the technical issues. So I’m trying to figure that
out. Thank you so much for bearing with me.
3:31 This episode is just me talking about me, and you. And I’ve gotten a couple of emails
about guests lately. And some of them have been anonymous, some of them have just
said, “Thanks.” I like it. And even those, if you can just do those, those allow people to
possibly check it out, possibly share, which I would be so grateful to you for.
3:56 So what is going on with me? Well, I drove around today for Uber, drove a bunch of
people around. That’s a really cool thing to do. I like it. I mean, you get exhausted from
just the stress of trying not to crash and have anybody crashed into you and traffic rules
and lane changes and all that. But it’s awesome for people to be able to... You turn on
this app and people get in your car and you say, “Hey to them,” and then you get a little
bit of money. So whilst I am between careers and sources of more stable income, I’m
doing that and it’s pretty fun. Just got done doing that today. And if you have any
questions about what that experience is like, or what are the etiquette there in, you
know, or your observations or what your experiences have been with Uber, please write
in, or you can find me on Instagram and message that way,
its @ethansharrettofficial. And soon, like I keep saying, I’m going to flesh out that
JOYFull podcast Instagram as well. But right now, just the one picture.
5:15 Well, I tried to bring it to you very authentically, if I can, which is not always easy for
all of us. Some of us have to... We literally have to go into a specialist to bring out what
the hell is wrong with us, right. And so I am trying to bring that about, and share it with
you. And what I’m doing to tackle some of the issues you also might be tackling, which
is causing yourself to experience more joy, and share more joy, because you’re full of
that joy, and enhance our experience collectively and individually on this planet.
Because a lot of things are possible. A lot of things are possible. And things that we
haven’t even thought of yet. There are things right now that we think are impossible.
And we are all bothered by which will be done. And problems will be solved. Like the
way our brains work, I mean, it’s going to be laughable some of the things that we think
now and some of the divisions that are between us now, some of the bullshit we fall for
now, as society that... I really believe, like in a few years’ time, so many more people 
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are going to understand how important it is for our brains to be healthy and how parts
of our neuroses and areas of the brain can cause us to react in some of the ways that we
do that keep us from making any ground on some of the bigger issues, like helping
people get more educated. So that our economy doesn’t have these weird, artificial
damaging things in it, like that are bad for the environment, or bad for our own health
that we consume so much. And because we don’t know any better. Well, we’re going
to know better, we’re known more and more and more better all the time. So I encourage
you to just keep doing what you’re doing. Because it’s getting better all the time.
7:45 Despite what you see in the.... Just don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe the hype of
the divisiveness. It is only getting more and more and more and more. And in the end,
I mean, you should believe the hype that if you take care of yourself and make your
brain healthy, and share how to do that, with more and more people, which we are the
younger generation, as well as the people who are just fed up of like older generations,
we are coming around. We are meditating. We are seeing that we’re accountable for
what we do. And we are realizing we can give ourselves a better day, a better life by
some of the simple things we practice. And not by what we own. Although it is nice to
own things. Sure.
8:43 All right. I am kind of spent, but I do want to get into... Like the first thing was Uber,
the second could be... What’s going on with me? I’m moved. I tell you that before in
the other episode. Oh! how I started... How I had my notes? This line from Hamlet from
Hamlet, Shakespeare. Well Horatia sees the ghost of Hamlet’s father, also named
Hamlet, memory serves. And he says, “Oh! This is wondrous strange”, and he’s like,
“terrified”. And Hamlet says, “Well, then, as a stranger, give it welcome. There are
more things in heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” And
he’s like, through some kind of tragedy, the tragedy that takes place in Hamlet, he’s
opened his mind to the world; things are possible. And he’s saying to Horatio, “Listen,
your imagination, your philosophy right now, it needs to embrace new things because
the world can be seen differently. There are things existing that we don’t think are
capable, are possible right now.” So that’s kind of like... That’s why I had that in my
notes. Because somehow this wonder is strange was in my journal the other day. Just I
remember writing down this is a mysterious magical world. There are opportunities.
There’s more possible in this world than we think right now. And so let’s push our 
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imagination for our day today, and tomorrow, and get ready for tomorrow. Get ready
for tomorrow.
10:43 And that led me to think that when I got fortunate enough to be, in this little small
Theatre Company in Los Angeles with a black box theater, was doing a bunch of plays.
And I was lucky enough to be cast and play Hamlet, in that little production in a stylish
little take on Hamlet, but using the actual play, and I got so many I have so much reward
or good compliments, and, I don’t know, what are the what’s the word?
Congratulations, everybody [was saying]. “Congratulations, amazing, that you got that
part. Congrats, congrats, congrats, way to go”. And I remember feeling like that way I
was, was amazing. I really was trying to get that part so bad. Which is funny in itself.
But it was absolutely 100% real at the time. I remember at the read through the very
first read through when everybody gets together and sees who you meet, not only meet
the cast, but you know, we sit down and we just actually take out the play and read
through it. So everybody’s sitting down in the, in the chairs of the theater, like they’re
the audience there. But this is the cast. And the director is the only one sitting on the
stage. She’s the director, and she’s going to kind of call out, the stage directions and
kind of paste the thing along for everybody. And she goes Ethan, you, you sit up here
with me on the stage your Hamlet. I remember just thinking, looking at everybody out
there, and the other guys who had also audition, who were playing some of the other
cool parts in there, and they auditioned for Hamlet. I remember looking at each of them
and thinking, oh my God! that guy would be an awesome Hamlet. “Oh my gosh! That’s
like, that’s Hamlet. That’s what Hamlet would look like, right there”. That is what I
wanted to share with you that crazy level of self-doubt some of us get before we even
like undertake a thing or while we are doing it. And I just want that’s like one of it’s
kind of always stay with me why would I even have that impulse of thinking? I’m so
somebody else should be hammered and not me. It’s not very good to go into a project
that way. I guess I kind of ignored those instincts. And in the here’s the truth about that
no matter who is playing this part or that part, whoever is or doing this job or that job,
Billy Bob or Joe. There’s nobody that can do them if they’re practicing these life
affirming practices, these techniques, and they’re finding they’re speaking from their
true voice. And they’re not thinking that somebody else should be doing it, but they’re
doing enough repetition and enough exploration, enough study and just in confidence
building exercises. I mean, some of them are as simple as just saying, I am confident I 
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am confident a lot of times and I didn’t at that time. I didn’t know that since then, I’ve
started this podcast. And because I’m really turned on by the ability to give ourselves a
better day and a better life through practice and that some people need it. And if you
have doubt or if you lack confidence sometimes, I just want to share with you how I
found that was such a low point of doubt that I would even like think that and of course
I didn’t know I wasn’t quite a Were I mean, I, I did some of the practices that I talked
about now. It was, it was probably, on my radar, how awesome Yoga is for you. But I
didn’t realize many, many, many of the other things that I share on this podcast. And
that people have that make up the mindfulness revolution that say, you can advance
your mind, you can take control of your emotions, you can cultivate more of the life
and the energy that you want to have in yourself and therefore share with the world.
Because, everybody deserves some joy. Everybody deserves to experience that. And
anything’s possible, it really is. Where was going with, I was just reading through my
notes, and saying, just how crazy that is that? How much you can lack confidence
sometimes. And then I asked, how’s your tomorrow looking and if your tomorrow is
looking anything, like, if you’ve heard me talk about like the Miracle Morning, or the
miracle, the self, people call it the Miracle Morning, self-love time, the self-love hour,
the Power Hour, the me time morning, the me gift, the I love me a lot to me, it’s all
about you. I mean, it’s you. And there’s this really special thing that you can do in your
mornings to, to I’d like you to wipe the slate clean of how you’re going to feel. Once
you do these things, I just am going to encourage you to know that you’re going to feel
different. If you have a morning that includes some of these things. And if you can’t do
the 30 straight days of this me time morning, that’s 60 minutes long before you go to
work or anything like that, if you can’t do that, and maybe you could do like four days
or five days. And I have an amazing experience with that. And the whole concept is
this, I want to ask you a serious question. When you got up this morning? How much
time did you have before you were reacting to other things? How much time was it that
was planned that you were hitting exactly the marks that you had designed? Like the
previous day. If you have the kind of life that you’re already like, bam, this is where
what I grab at 5:30am. This is what I do at 5:45am. If those are like all are already like
these, these bullet points on your day, kudos to you. That’s awesome. And I and then I
want to challenge you and see if you’re doing some of these other things as well, since
you’re obviously a master of like staying on track with that. If you wake up and you’re
immediately like solving your kids’ problems, or immediately just trying to get ready 
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on time and saying and like short, short cutting things to get to your car on time or, you
know, like I don’t have time to make breakfast, I’ll stop and get it. I don’t have time to
wash my hair. I’ll just you know, put it in a ponytail. Or whatever. If you’re doing those
things, just reactionary, wise. When it started building a morning of me time, that’s
completely proactive that you planned the night before. And so if your answer was
Yeah, pretty much felt like it was like a reaction the whole day until I got home. And
then I at the end of the day, I can finally just laze around on the couch just for five to
30 minutes and just not do anything because I’m so exhausted from getting myself
home or getting myself and my family home or whatever.
19:26 And this whole thing about this miracle me morning time. It’s just, I have so much more
to say about it. But um, that’s what we’re going to go with today. And I have some tools
if you’ve, if you it’s really, really hard to think of doing this. But the whole concept is
that there’s one hour that you’re going to gift yourself, nobody else can possibly do
this, except you. And it’s an amazing thing because the world is going to cause you to
do react all day long. But this is something that starts your day out with you at the center
of it that nourishes your mind nourishes your confidence nourishes your body, and helps
you visualize what you want. Even if all your visualization is I don’t know what I want
yet. And it’s going to allow you to bring in, there’s other things that you’re not doing,
like start introducing them to you to your life, if you wanted to read a book, if you
wanted to write a book, if you want to go back to school, if you want to get your real
estate license, if you wanted to dimension those things already. If you wanted to learn
something, get in better shape, get some biceps, get some guns for the hands, do some
curls for the girls, anything like that, you’ll get a chance to start doing those things
initially just introducing them to your typical day. However, it’s challenging when,
especially if you have kids, and especially if you have a rotating work schedule that
sometimes you get home late, late at night sometimes don’t. My brother who is a pilot
and go flies all the time, to different places. And of course he has a varying schedule.
So it’s really hard to get on track. I’m not going to solve exactly that problem. But I
will yeah, yeah, let’s solve that problem. Because this is what I had to do for myself
moving from the apartment where me and jack live to house, which is one of the
exciting changes, told you about moved in with the special lady into a house just
recently and moved the like the idea of looking for a job, and career changing, which
I’m doing, moving. These are all these things which we kind of like grant ourselves like
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this is really difficult. This is a really difficult change. I can’t be expected to have my
great mornings right now. I’ll get I’ll work towards it. Well, it had been too long. I’ve
been going too long with that. And I needed to look around desperately for how could
I introduce this to my life, to get back into my time mornings. And so I can be
productive again, and not just work and react all the time. And if you’re not ready to
say, all right, well, tomorrow, I’m going to have this hour that includes 10 minutes of
exercise, two minutes meditation, 10 minutes of journaling, 10 minutes of affirmations,
and 10 minutes of visualization, and 10 minutes of reading. If you’re not going to make
that hour for yourself tomorrow, then you can, here’s what you can do. You can get
stuff ready to do it tomorrow. Like before you go to bed, you can look around, as if you
were going to do it and say, Alright, what would I need? If I were to like, where would
I put my coffee? If I sat down here and started reading at 5am for 10 minutes? Do you
have a timer? Does your like Fitbit or Apple Watch, have a timer on there that makes it
easy to time 10 minutes, that’s a really like helpful device because it’s like a mechanical
thing. Or device anyway, that will tell you when your 10 minutes is up so you can so
easily stay on track and say, Alright, that was 10 minutes of reading boom on to the
next thing. So do you have a timer? Do you have a place where you can put your
exercise clothes so that you’re not waking anybody up and when you go get changed,
just a little staggered, go get the socks that you want to wear or the shorts that you want
to wear when you do your 10 minutes of meditation and your 10 minutes of exercise
and your 10 minutes of affirmation. How’s that going to look? Are you going to get
your phones when you’re listening to like a 10-minute affirmation YouTube video or
something? You can go get those things ready, and start to implement that. And let me
tell you how effective it is. This whole thing started actually with as with a conversation
with my brother, he had asked me “Hey, you really slowed down on making content
for that. Not just department, YouTube and Facebook brand that you made that not just
departments you’re making content. You slow down with that what’s up?” And I just
said, “Man I’ve been I’d love to do it. I don’t know what happened. My I haven’t had
time lately. I’ve been doing a lot of stuff.” And he says: What do you been doing with
your mornings because he was curious because he wants to get on traffic mornings too.”
And I thought, Oh my gosh! I am desperately trying to get my mornings back my me
time mornings back. Because that’s the only time I know that is guaranteed for me my
productivity and my advancement and what I was Explaining was that when I got into
this a year ago of doing, I’d always, like I said, I’ve always enjoyed going for a run 
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before work. But I didn’t realize how, how different the view of that is when you look
at it as, like a one-hour consistent gift that includes like, not just exercise, but these,
these many different facets that are that are healthy and good for your mind, body and
25:32 And when I did get into that last year, it was amazing. Like I was in that funk, when I
couldn’t, I wasn’t inspired by work, I didn’t see a way out, I didn’t have colleagues that
like similar like, like minded, I didn’t, I wasn’t advancing any ideas, any place, I was
just kind of, you know, just running operations. So I was I was in like a motivational,
creative funk. Having amazing weekends and evenings with me and the kid, of course,
but all day long. Being in that that low place, I started this. And I didn’t do it for 30
days, like, the suggestion is like the challenge is, I did it for five days. And out of that
five days, by the end of that, like third day or fourth or fifth day, I was so completely
turned around, I had written, I’d started vision boards, I’d started this whole new brand,
which like kept me completely fired up over the next whole year. And made I don’t
know if it’s like either five or 1520 videos that I was able to like conceptualize this
thing and brainstorm a lot of it. And I still feel like has a ton of potential that hasn’t
even been scratched yet. I have a lot more unfinished content that I’m going to post up
there. And I’m not bragging on that. I’m just saying, if you do this for yourself,
seriously, it’s going to take you some kinks. And part of the journaling it was it sucks
that like when you first open the journal? Was this successful today? Did I start at five
o’clock am or now did I start at 545 I’m only going to have time for like, you know,
one of these things today? Well, when I actually did it successfully, for like the third,
fourth day in a row, I was so transformed that I was seeing everything as a different
possibility. And I still remember writing on my vision board that you can redefine
things or redefine. Like a child, I remember having this challenge at work. And I
completely turn that into one of the most successful videos so far, I had to do this thing
and get this thing done. It needed video content for it. And I was I went to work and
instead of dreading it, which I had done the previous day, after a morning like the one
I had made for myself, as part of this, I was excited. And I completely solved that
problem and not only solved it, but like in in a way that’s like a permanent, creative,
creative way. So I just want to let you know that all of that was just from five days. So
imagine what you could do if you do it for like 10 or 30. And that’s what I’m excited
about right now with me. And the approach that I have right now is I would the new 
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place I’m living, I am trying to make that work. And it’s challenging. Because now
when like, you know, if you’re in a new place, you’re not used to exactly how long it’s
going to take to get dressed, where you want shower where you want after, if, if when
a kid gets up, so now they’re kind of two kids in the household. So if my girlfriend’s
daughter woke up early in the middle of what I would have been doing my Miracle
Morning, well, that’s one of those challenges, and we’re going to just try to do it better
and better, even if I have to do it earlier and earlier, and so forth. So that’s what I want
to leave you with is how significant that knee time morning is. And just get on that
please let me know if you have experience with that you can share it
29:02 and the third part before we close this thing out is boom, the cultural observation of
already said that one politics don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe the hype. The
divisiveness is not is not getting worse and worse it’s going to get better and better
because there’s people like you and me that are practicing our accountability our peace
or happiness or joyfulness and sharing that with the world and we’re seeking
authenticity. And we’re starting to understand that we’ve been susceptible to
inauthenticity for a long time. But we’re starting to get through to the root of it in
ourselves, and then therefore, like, between ourselves and we need each other. We all
are in this thing together as this virus is, is showing us we’re all in this together and
none of us can really predict that something might happen, it can kind of throw a huge
curveball in everything have this butterfly effect for the good or bad. Let’s get some
butterfly effects for the good. That’s the cultural observation, the practice I’m
approaching. Very exciting. I’ve never seen a therapist before. So, I’m excited to start
working with therapists. I’ve seen this doctor two times. And it has only been
preliminary so far, but there was a little bit of an introduction to a trance state hypnosis.
Today data trans trance state hypnosis today. And so we’ll see if that is super helpful.
I’m excited about it. Excited a lot of people find a counselor or therapist to be the best
thing they can do. And when you combine that with other things that we’re doing on
this show, might even be better so I’m going to close that out. Please follow along I
would love any review you can make any comments suggestion please put it on that
wherever you listen to podcast please add something I would be so grateful to you for
that and let me know any questions or concerns follow @ Ethan Sharrett Official on
Instagram. I’ll try to post more stuff I promise but be well god bless and Namaste.

Great episode.  We talk about not being able to get out of bed, crying, not even LIKING yourself.  But now?  Happiest.  Days.  Ever.  Ed has been a chemist and a corporate recruiter of professional scientists.  When a diagnoses of Fibromyalgia and Ehlers Danlos, and a non-working assortment of medications left him defeated, his un-ease led him to deeply study Christianity, Buddhism, Reiki, Healing Touch, Alexander Technique, Qi Gong, and more.  Now, he organizes group meditations, mindful hikes and events, and offers healing and coaching either remotely (phone) or in person.  Contact Ed at

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We talk about not being able to get out of bed, crying, not even liking yourself, not knowing yourself, and more.  But now?  Happiest.  Days.  Ever.  Ed has been a chemist and a corporate recruiter of professional scientists.  When diagnoses of Fibromyalgia and Ehlers Danlos, and a non-working assortment of medications left him defeated, his un-ease led him to deeply study Christianity, Buddhism, Reiki, Healing Touch, Alexander Technique, Qi Gong, and more.  Now, he organizes group meditations, mindful hikes and events, and offers healing and coaching either remotely (phone) or in person.  Contact Ed at

Follow Ethan Sharrett at

What if you're doing everything you're supposed to, you overcome a problem - then suddenly you don't know what to do?  Could we placate ourselves by thinking there's an enemy outside of us?  Also: Freedom of speech, USA, and China.  Coronavirus - topic inspired by Uber passengers.  Healer ED RATCHFORD is available at and he'll call you.  Follow Host Ethan @ethansharrettofficial and soon

There's someone who needs to hear this.  The situation, the circumstances might be the same.

Demarquis shares about zero parental guidance from day one.  Doing those things you just don't want to admit to.  Being locked up, being in the Army, learning to be a dad.  And now being so happy that he's willing to share. 

Ethan talks about how ego can subconsciously influence us when we're not paying attention.  Updates on career and more, while living a full life with Joy to share.  Please follow, comment, send questions via dm



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